Multi-step processes’ automated operation

Over the years, Sanhe kitchenware has actively promoted the application of Industry 4.0 in the company, realizing the automatic operation of multiple processes, such as: automatic drawing and cutting, automatic polishing, automatic positioning spot welding, automatic sand bottom, automatic laser blanking, automatic spraying and melting.

In December 2020, the "Sanhe annual output of 20 million high-grade stainless steel and aluminum non-stick pan production line project" officially laid the foundation and started construction. The total investment of the project is up to 450 million yuan, covering an area of 150 mu. The new plant will focus on building marketing innovations such as marketing omni-channel management, new retail and systems such as MES/APS system for production and WMS for warehousing.

In the future, Sanhe will use new technologies such as equipment IOT, 5G and industrial Internet to comprehensively integrate new and old factories according to the standard of industry 4.0. By then, Sanhe will have an industrial Internet information management platform, with three centers of product realization, intelligent warehousing, enterprise management (strategy, human resources, market and brand, culture). With four digital workshops, it has realized the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet platform enterprises, and become the new benchmark of kitchenware industry!